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Shower Door Protective Coatings




What makes ShowerGuard glass special?

The protective coating is placed on the glass during the manufacturing process securing the sealant’s protective properties to preserve your shower glass for years to come.


MCDOWELL GLASS offers ShowerGuard glass to keep your new shower enclosure looking clean and bright! ShowerGuard uses innovative technology to protect your glass from soap scum, corrosion, and hard water. The surface of the glass is sealed using ion beam technology to fill the pores. This keeps soap scum, etc. out of the pores and protects the glass from stains, which means minimal cleaning is required! What makes ShowerGuard different from all other sealants is that it actually becomes part of the glass itself. This means, unlike other glass protectors, ShowerGuard never needs to be reapplied. Keep your new shower doors looking nicer longer with ShowerGuard glass from the glass experts at MCDOWELL GLASS!

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Learn about Surface Protector, a temporary glass protective coating option.

Why choose ShowerGuard for my glass shower doors?

Protective coating on your glass shower doors ensures the longevity and clarity of your new enclosure!!! MCDOWELL GLASS offers its customers the option of having their glass protected from water spots and usage, making shower door maintenance a breeze! Glass is a porous material and in the absence of sealant the glass can become clouded and tough to keep clean. The porous nature of standard glass allows dirt, grime and soap scum to easily accumulate, not to mention the damage caused by hard water build up. Choosing a protective coating is critical to maintaining clear, bright glass for your shower enclosure. To protect your glass from the harsh reality of daily use, it is important to choose a sealant that will keep your shower doors looking new longer.

How do I maintain the beauty of ShowerGuard protected glass?

Routine maintenance is a clear way of preserving the beauty of your new glass doors, but it doesn’t have to make you a slave to cleaning. The great thing about adding a protective coating to your new glass or choosing ShowerGuard glass is the ease of keeping your shower enclosure shiny and bright. Intense scrubbing with unsatisfactory results is replaced by easy and effective cleaning with a microfiber cloth and gentle cleanser.  Detailed care information will be provided for the specific type of protected glass you choose, but the bottom line is this – not only do you get a perpetually new looking shower, but you don’t have to work to get it!

Below are products that we recommend on keeping your ShowerGuard glass looking as good as the day it was installed. McDowell Glass is no affiliated with any of these brands or companies, has no commercial relationship with them, and are not sponsored by any of these brands/companies:

Please adhere to the following precautions to avoid scratching and damaging your ShowerGuard Product:

  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, such as: Ajax, Comet Powder, CRL Bio-Clean, CRL Sparkle, Rouge and Cerium Oxide.

  • Hydrofluoric and phosphoric acid are corrosive to the coating and glass surfaces and shouldn't be used.

  • Do not use abrasive brushes, razor blades or other sharp objects.

Cleaning ShowerGuard
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