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How Do I Take Care of My Glass Shower Doors?


As soon as your custom shower doors are installed, you'll notice what a positive effect they have on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. No matter what style shower door you choose, custom shower doors add a certain elegance and style that can't be beat. 

Without proper care and maintenance, however, you'll notice your shower doors will start to lack the pristine appearance they once had. To keep glass shower doors looking their best, it's important to take care of them with regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Tips For aking Care of My Shower Doors

At McDowell Glass, we will provide our clients with this information as soon as their doors are installed so they're not left wondering how to take care of their shower doors. 

These tips will apply to all shower doors, regardless if is there is a add on coating or not. 

1. Clean your shower enclosure AFTER you shower.

2. Use a vinegar solution on your glass door enclosure.

3. Keep a microfiber cloth handy

4. Switch to a non-talc soap

5. Don't forget to clean the metal tracks

For showers equipped with ShowerGuard coating, click here for specific cleaning instructions. 

Clean Your Shower After It's Used

The best time to clean your shower is right after you've used it. If you start cleaning right after you are done showering you can use the steam and warm water to your advantage. During your shower the heat and steam loosened up any dirt and grime which will save you extra cleaning time. 

Using a squeegee on all glass panels after each shower will dramatically improve how long your shower will remain looking clear and clean. They only cost a few dollars and they only take a minute to use after your shower. Starting from the top, you can squeegee remaining water off the glass. This takes away any water droplets that will create water spots if left to dry on the glass. 

Shower Cleaning Solution


To keep your glass shower doors sparkling clean, you can use common ingredients you probably already have at home. A 1:1 mix of warm, white vinegar and water is a great place to start. If that doesn't do the trick, a 1:1 mixture of warm vinegar and dish detergent, such as Dawn, is another fine DIY cleaner. 

For showers equipped with ShowerGuard coating, click here for specific cleaning instructions. 

Microfiber Cloths for Bathroom Cleaning

Don't forget about the other parts of your shower! Many of our clients have very elegant finishes on the non-glass hardware components within their shower. These fixtures should be wiped down daily with a microfiber cloth. After every use, they should be dried and gently buffed to keep their shine. 

After all the hardware is wiped down you can use your microfiber cloth to wipe down your shower walls or tub. This helps prevent water spots as well as soap scum that can build up over time. 


Preventing Soap Scum

One of the most common culprits to soap scum is bar soap, which almost always contains talc. This talc is a major cause of soap scum that will build up on glass shower doors and other pieces of hardware within your shower. If you can switch to a talc-free bar soap or a body wash, you'll likely notice your shower looks cleaner for a longer span of time. 

Cleaning Your Shower Track


While your glass shower doors are often the first thing you'll notice that needs to be cleaned, there are other important parts of your shower that need to be cared for too. If you have framed sliding glass doors, the tracks the shower doors move along will need to be cleaned regularly. 

To clean the shower door tracks, start by plugging any drains or openings in the tracks. Then, fill the tracks with vinegar/detergent solution as described above and allow to soak overnight. The next day, remove the plugs and wipe down the inside of the tracks. Any areas that need extra attention can be scrubbed with a toothbrush to remove any remaining grime. 

If you don't have shower door tracks, be sure to check the shower curb top where the bottom of the shower door meets a seal to prevent water from leaking. The bottom of the glass, as well as the curb top, need to be cleaned and checked for mildew or mold along with any other parts of your shower. 

If your shower door utilizes a bottom door sweep, these will need to be cleaned periodically as well. They can be removed from the bottom of the door and soaked in the vinegar/detergent solution. A toothbrush works well to clean out the crevices that will harbor mildew and mold. At some point your bottom seal will likely just need to be replaced from years of use. Contact us to order a replacement bottom seal. 

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